Anyone who has lived in New York for any length of time is familiar with sinkholes. These large - often gigantic - sections of roadway that collapse into a deep pit have been the source of frustration and significant danger for New York drivers for many years.

But the danger of sinkholes is not limited to commuters, pedestrians and bicyclists. The construction workers who have to go in and repair these sinkholes face significant danger, as well.

Sinkholes: A Serious Problem Throughout the United States

ABC News illustrates the frequency of sinkhole problems in major cities throughout the country. The article sites a number of incidents in different cities, culminating in the recent sinkhole in lower Manhattan last week.

The article focuses on the causes of these sinkholes, considering whether there should be more oversight and statistical analysis from municipalities regarding instances of man-made causes leading to sinkhole problems.

But the more important consideration involves the significant safety risks to the construction workers charged with fixing these sinkholes.

Dangers in Sinkholes

In addition to the problem of cars and bicycles riding into sinkholes, the construction workers on site have their own risks, including:

  • Further collapse: Once a sinkhole is formed, there is always a danger of the edges falling in further. For workers down in a sinkhole working near the edges, falling concrete from the street above could be extremely hazardous, even deadly.
  • Crane tips: It is not uncommon for a crane set up near the edge of a sinkhole tips and falls inside, crippling and killing the construction workers below.
  • Standard construction site accidents: In addition to these accidents that are slightly unique to sinkholes, construction workers face common construction dangers like falls, broken bones, power tool failures and related issues.

These are just a few of the dangers faced by construction workers in sinkholes. If you or someone you love has been harmed or killed working in a New York sinkhole, make sure you contact an experienced construction accident attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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