Construction accidents that result in serious injuries or fatalities are investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As the worker who was hurt, or the loved one of a worker who died, you may wonder what kind of information you may find out when OSHA completes its investigation and issues a report.

Key Information in the OSHA Report

Typically, an OSHA report of a serious construction accident will contain an accident investigation summary and inspection information. Some of the information that may be in the report includes:

  • The accident report number
  • The number of serious, willful, repeat and other violations found on the job site
  • The type of violations that were found
  • An accident investigation summary
  • The event date
  • The age and sex of the person(s) hurt in the accident
  • Name of the employer

While this information may give you an idea about OSHA’s findings, it may not be enough to answer all of your questions if you’ve been hurt or if your loved one has died in an accident.

How to Find Out More

You have the right to find out more. You have the right to know exactly what happened and exactly how you may recover for the significant trauma that you, or your loved one, suffered. However, it is not OSHA’s responsibility to provide that information to you. Instead, you may need to conduct your own investigation with the help of an experienced construction accident lawyer. You and your attorney may need to gather evidence from the construction site and talk to other construction workers who were present at the time of the accident.

Then you can decide how to proceed and how best to protect your rights, which may include a legal recovery. For more information about the steps you should take after a construction accident please read a free copy of our informational brochure , Hurt in a Construction Accident? You’re Not Alone .

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