New York City construction worker with serious back injuriesConstruction workers are constantly at risk of all kinds of injuries on the job, but back injuries are some of the most common. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), about one in every four of work-related injuries involve an employee’s back or spine—and if the accident occurs on a construction site, the employee could suffer disability or death as a result.

Causes of Back and Spine Injuries in the Construction Industry

Employees may experience a range of back injuries from the physical demands of construction work. Slipped discs, broken vertebra, pinched nerves, and spinal cord damage are just a few of the injuries construction workers can suffer.

The majority of back injuries on construction sites happen as a result of:

  • Falls. A slip and fall on a job site can cause spinal fracture or damage to the spinal cord, especially if the worker falls from a substantial height. Similarly, a worker may be struck by a falling tool or piece of equipment while working near a platform.
  • Repetitive strain. Constant twisting and bending of the spine and holding awkward positions can result in a cumulative trauma injury, such as tendonitis. As the muscles and ligaments weaken, the odds of suffering a sudden injury as a result of the daily-wear-and-tear increase.
  • Improper lifting techniques. Employees must be trained on proper pushing, pulling, carrying, and lifting heavy loads in order to avoid torn ligaments, painful pinched nerves, or another heavy lifting injury.

If a construction worker suffers a back injury at work, he could be owed more than workers’ compensation. Under New York laws, a general contractor may be held liable for injuries caused by lax safety measures, inadequate training, or other negligent conditions. However, injured workers should seek the advice of a skilled construction injury attorney as soon as possible in order to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires.

Have You Been Suffered A Spine Injury At Your Construction Job?

If you were injured while working on a New York City construction site, our experienced attorneys can examine the facts of your case and work to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us online or call our office directly at 212-465-8840 to speak with a construction injury lawyer at Hofmann & Schweitzer today.


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Spine complications were majorly in people linked to construction businesses. Thanks to pouring some light over it.
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