Hofmann & Schweitzer at the Seafarers International House BanquetSeafarers have demanding jobs that keep them away from their loved ones for long periods of time. When seafarers come into port, they are often here for just a few hours or days. These brave and dedicated men and women deserve our support, and Hofmann & Schweitzer is proud to provide assistance in different ways. One way that we support maritime workers is through our financial support of the Seafarers International House in New York City.

The Seafarers International House Mission

On East 15th Street, close to Union Square, is an organization known as the Seafarers International House. The Seafarers International House provides much-needed compassion, housing, and services to seafarers during their short time in port. House chaplains visit seafarers at New York ports and other ports along the East coast. Some foreign seafarers are not able to leave their ships because of national security concerns. For these seamen, Seafarers International House provides WiFi hotspots so that they can contact their families. Seafarers who can leave their ships are assisted with transportation so that they can visit family or friends, get medical care, or take care of other business on-shore.

Since its founding in 1873, Seafarers International House has also helped immigrants get on their feet in the United States. Today, the organization’s immigration work focuses on helping asylum seekers, survivors of violence or human trafficking, and other displaced people.

The Seafarers International House Setting the Course Banquet

For the past 19 years, Seafarers International House has been holding an annual banquet to raise money to support its mission. Hofmann & Schweitzer regularly makes donations to the Seafarers International House and this year our firm was proud to purchase a table at the 19th Annual Setting the Course Banquet.

The banquet, which was held on April 25, 2019, raised a record-setting $240,000 to support approximately 27,000 seafarers around the world.

This year, we are excited to share with you that four people, including our friends Enrico Esopa, SIU’s International Transport Workers' Federation Coordinator for the U.S. East Coast, and Kathleen Hunt, Vice President of Seafarers International Union Government Services Division, were awarded the 2019 Outstanding Friends of Seafarers Award. Congratulations Ricky and Kate!

We look forward to the 20th annual Setting the Course Banquet on April 23, 2020, at the New York Athletic Club and to supporting the continued good work of the Seafarers International House.


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