Numerous Social Media Hashtags Hofmann and Schweitzer LawMany people use social media every day to connect family and stay in touch with friends. While there is no doubt that these platforms can be beneficial, being active on social media during a construction injury case can severely limit the amount of your recovery—and in some cases, it may stop your benefits completely.

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Construction Injury Case

If you have filed for workers’ compensation, you should know that insurance companies may check your social media accounts to look for any activity that indicates that your injuries are not serious. Even if you are receiving benefits, an insurer may still be monitoring your posts for evidence that your injuries are improving or you are able to return to work.

A workers’ compensation insurer may claim that your injuries are not serious based on:

Assuring your friends and family.

Victims often want to let their loved ones know that they are safe after they have been involved in an accident. However, stating that you are “fine” after an injury can be taken literally by an insurance company.

Photos of your activities.

Photos can often be taken out of context and used as evidence that you are not suffering pain or limitations from your injuries. Pictures of you on vacation, attending a social event, or even having dinner in a restaurant can be used to raise questions about your mobility, emotional state, or quality of life.

Comments by you and your friends.

Any comment you make about your injury can be used as evidence, such as venting your frustrations about your employer or the claims process. Posting on your own page, responding to questions, or leaving a comment about the accident on a friend’s post can all put your claim at risk.

The best way to prevent an insurance company from using your social media activity against you is to disable your accounts. If this is not possible, you should adjust your privacy settings to the highest possible level, and make sure nothing about you is posted by your friends and family until you approve it.

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