While the majority of train and engine workers are not hurt or killed in railroad switching accidents, switching accidents are not uncommon and can be serious. Thus, while we encourage you not to worry, our New York railroad lawyers do have several safety suggestions for your family.

First, we recommend that your husband ask questions of his employer. He should make sure that all applicable safety regulations and recommendations are being followed including, but not limited to, appropriate training for all employees and mentoring for less experienced employees.

Second, your husband should understand how to report a potential safety hazard before he, or someone else, is injured or killed in a New York railroad switching accident.

Finally, we encourage both you and your husband to know how to contact an experienced New York railroad attorney if your husband is injured or killed. The railroad may not be forthcoming about your family’s rights after an accident and may offer a settlement that is too low for the damages suffered. A New York train lawyer can help your family understand what happened and zealously advocate for a full and complete recovery.

To reach a New York railroad accident lawyer after a switching injury or fatality, please call 1-800-362-9329 or complete our online contact form for more information.
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