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McCain-Alnic Collision Causes Injuries and Deaths of U.S. Service Members

On August 21, 2017, the U.S. Navy destroyer USS John S. McCain collided with the oil tanker M/V Alnic as it was approaching the Singapore Strait. While it is unclear who was primarilyUSS John S. McCain and M/T Alnic Collision at fault for the crash in the major shipping lane, deaths and injuries only occurred aboard the destroyer. The force from the 600-foot tanker breached the McCain’s hull, killing 10 sailors and injuring several more when compartments below the water line were flooded.

Although the exact cause of the accident is still under investigation by the United States Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board, the owners of M/V Alnic have already taken action to prevent U.S. service members from filing injury and wrongful death lawsuits related to the crash. In February, Energetic Tank, Inc. filed a limitation proceeding in New York, reducing the value of the claims and excluding anyone who does not file a notice of claim before the deadline from ever being able to file a lawsuit.

Seamen Injured in the McCain Collision Must File Claims Before June 15, 2018

Under the Limitation of Liability Act, the owner of a vessel can file a proactive lawsuit against anyone who may have a claim for a marine disaster. This organizes the claims from the accident into one lawsuit, but also places a cap on the overall amount of damages available to those who are able to file claims. It also limits the number of claimants by setting a deadline by which all claims must be filed to be eligible for compensation.

In its filing with the United States District Court in Manhattan, the owner of the tanker wants the court to declare that it has no liability for the damage to the Navy ship or the injuries sustained in the accident. The filing of a preemptive lawsuit against the U.S. Navy, the injured naval personnel, and the families of the deceased allows the owner to set a deadline for responding to the action. All casualty-related claims must be brought on or before June 15, 2018.

By giving injured seamen and families of the deceased service members only a few weeks to file their claims, the owner of the Alnic could drastically limit the number of people who receive compensation for the disaster.

View the Notice of Complaint, Verified Complaint, Interim StipulationLetter sent by the Navy to the McCain crew, Order extending the Notice of Claim to June 15, 2018, and the Government report on the collision.

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