A train collision or derailment is not like a simple car accident. There is a lot more at stake in these accidents, increased severity of injuries, heightened compensation awards and greater complexity in the evidence involved. If you have been in a serious train accident, do not take your choice of legal representation lightly. Work with an experienced attorney who knows how to handle complex cases of this kind and knows how to protect your interests. With the lost wages, medical bills and other associated damages that result from a train accident, the well-being of your family and your future depends on it.

At Hofmann & Schweitzer, we take train accident cases seriously. With more than 35 years of experience, we represent train accident victims throughout the five boroughs of New York City with thorough attention to detail and results. We are a premier New York City law firm handling all types of railroad injury claims aggressively and efficiently.

If you were in an accident as a train passenger, do not wait. If you delay too long, the statute of limitations could run out on your case and evidence could be compromised. The sooner you contact us, the more we can do to help you. Call 212-465-8840.

Maximizing Your Train Accident Claim

Because of the severe nature of train accident injuries, it becomes even more important to maximize your potential compensation award to make sure the costs of your injuries are covered. At Hofmann & Schweitzer, our attorneys work up complete analyses of our clients' injuries, including long-term injuries, potential future medical procedures and adaptive technologies. We use this information to bring claims for every single cost you sustain as a result of the accident.

We can bring claims against the railroad owners, operations and insurance carriers. In every claim of this kind we take on, our lawyers work up the cases in advance as if we know we're going to trial. This preparation is invaluable in pretrial settlement negotiations. When the insurance company or opposing counsel knows we are willing and prepared to win in litigation, they have a strong incentive to make quality settlement offers so they can avoid the courtroom. When our cases do go to trial, our attorneys are prepared to win.

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