Workplace Safety Training Manual Binder Hofmann & SchweitzerMost construction accidents are preventable, and one of the surest ways to protect against injury is through proper safety training. Employers and contractors have a duty to ensure that their employees are properly trained to perform each task in the construction trade. If an employee is injured, he or she has a right to seek compensation for medical bills, lost income, and permanent disability.

Common Ways Poor Training Leads to Construction Injuries

New York City construction workers are protected by several state, local, and federal safety laws regarding the training they must have in order to work on a job site. The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) requires all employers to instruct employees in the “recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions” to prevent injury, while a recently-passed municipal safety law requires mandatory training for construction workers in New York City.

Despite these regulations, injuries often occur as a result of training lapses such as:

  • Failure to instruct employees on the proper use of new or existing equipment
  • Failure to educate workers on proper work procedures
  • Failure to identify the particular hazards of a specific job site
  • Failure to educate workers on safety regulations applicable to the work environment
  • Failure to instruct employees on proper methods to eliminate, control, or protect against environmental hazards that can lead to illness or injury
  • Failure to train workers to adequately identify hazardous conditions
  • Failure to instruct employees on how to safely handle or dispose of a potential hazard
  • Failure to perform daily pre-work checks of the job site to identify new hazards
  • Failure to ensure employees are aware of applicable safety laws
  • Failure to perform or enforce attendance at regular training sessions
  • Failure to inform employees of the location of emergency entrances and exits
  • Failure to perform regular refresher training
  • Failure to instruct employees on the necessity of proper use of safety gear

When improper training results in catastrophic injury or death, victims and their families can seek compensation from a variety of sources. In New York, employees can file construction injury lawsuits against a general contractor, subcontractor, vendor, or other third party who had a duty to properly train workers. In addition to filing a third-party lawsuit, employees may also be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical bills and disability related to the accident.

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