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Thousands of construction workers are injured every year on job sites, many of whom will struggle with the effects of an accident for the rest of their lives. The sad fact is that many of these injuries are entirely preventable, and employees would not have been hurt if it had not been for a construction site manager’s negligence. Top NYC construction accident attorneys discuss in the article below.

Employers Have a Duty to Warn Construction Workers of Known Hazards

Although construction sites are inherently dangerous, that doesn’t mean that employees don’t have to be told about known safety and health risks. Site owners, general contractors, and employers have a duty to post proper warning signs, lights, or alarms to alert workers of the presence of danger. If site managers cut corners that result in an unsafe construction site, workers have the right to file a lawsuit to collect proper compensation for their injuries.

Among other responsibilities, employers and site owners have a duty to:

  • Failure to post fall hazard warnings on trenches, hatches, barriers, and guardrails
  • Failure warn of electrical hazards such as overhead power lines or exposed wires
  • Failure to provide adequate warning of wet or slippery surfaces
  • Failure to warn of chemical hazards (such as asphyxiation or toxic exposure)
  • Failure to warn of fire or explosion hazards (such as the presence of old gas lines or the use of dynamite)
  • Failure to provide adequate training or instruction on the specific dangers of the site and equipment before allowing employees to begin work

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