Construction Worker With a Broken LegConstruction sites are inherently dangerous places, with workers facing the threat of serious injury every time they enter the job site. A broken bone may seem like a relatively minor injury in the construction industry, but fractures can result in a wide range of consequences for an accident victim. Unfortunately, the majority of construction fracture injuries require medical intervention, cause months or years of recovery, and can even result in death.

Common Causes of Bone Fractures on Construction Sites

Like many injuries, a broken bone can cause complications long after the initial injury has healed. Victims may need surgical insertion of pins, plates, or screws to stabilize the bone, causing lifting restrictions or osteoarthritis that can force the employee to leave the construction trade. If you have suffered a significant loss of income due to a bone fracture, you may need the help of a construction injury attorney to get you all that you are owed.

The most common causes of bone fractures in the construction industry include:

  • Falls. Falls from heights on construction sites are a leading cause of broken bones, including shattered ribs that cause internal bleeding or spinal fractures that cause long-term disability. Even a trip or slip can cause a fracture in the wrist or ankle, requiring time off work and causing limited mobility.
  • Falling objects. Roofing materials, tools, masonry, and other objects can easily fall from upper levels onto workers below, causing skull fractures that require reconstructive surgery, extended rehabilitation, and sometimes future surgeries.
  • Machinery accidents. Unguarded machinery or malfunctioning power tools can result in compound fractures—broken bones that penetrate through the skin and open the body to potential infection.
  • Explosions. A sudden fire or explosion can not only cause multiple fractures, it may be an indication that the construction site was negligently maintained or was in violation of federal or state safety regulations. 

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