Construction Worker Being Hired on as an EmployeeConstruction sites are dangerous enough without employees worrying if their coworkers are up to the demands of the job. Workers rely on their teammates for everything to lifting heavy loads to pulling them to safety in an emergency—and if a fellow employee is unfit for his position, workers can suffer severe injury or even death. If you or someone you know has been injured due to the negligent hiring by an employer, our construction injury attorneys can help you recover.

Hiring Negligence Causes Injuries on Construction Sites

Employers are required to perform due diligence (a reasonable level of care) when hiring new employees to perform construction work. Due diligence can include checking an applicant’s references, ensuring the employee has the right training, and otherwise make reasonably sure a new hire will not cause harm to others. A failure to adequately investigate a potential employee can not only put other employees and the public at risk, it can open the employer up to negligence claims. 

Employers may be held liable for injuries caused by employees who:

  • Were not properly trained for the position held
  • Did not have enough work experience
  • Had a past track record of violent behavior or abuse of authority
  • Were the subject of reports or concerns to the employer that were not properly investigated
  • Were promoted past their level of training or experience
  • Had a history of drug or alcohol abuse and caused injury due to intoxication on the job
  • Did not have the proper licensing or credentials to perform the work that led to injury
  • Did not have adequate safety training to minimize worksite risks
  • Did not meet legal requirements for employment or the position held
  • Were kept employed (or in a certain position) despite repeated warnings of improper conduct

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