The FRA has very specific guidelines that it uses when it decides whether or not to investigate a New York train accident. Not all New York railroad employee injuries will quality for an FRA investigation. However, that does not mean that New York railroad employees are without remedies.

Generally, an FRA investigation may be of interest to an injured railroad worker and may impose sanctions or corrective action on a railroad employer. However, in many cases an injured railroad worker will need to pursue damages independently. This can be done regardless of whether an FRA investigation was completed and regardless of the results of an FRA investigation if one was done.

Your efforts to push for an FRA investigation may or may not be important. Before you can assess whether you should push the agency to investigate your accident, it is important to contact an experienced New York FELA attorney. The New York FELA lawyers of Hofmann & Schweitzer will make sure that your case is thoroughly investigated, and we will fight hard for your fair and just recovery.

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