My teenager wants to take the New York subway alone. We've talked about general safety issues and I believe he is ready to do this. As a New York FELA attorney, do you have any suggestions about railroad safety that I should share with my child?

Yes, you are right to be concerned both about general safety issues such as theft and violence and about specific railroad safety issues. Our experienced New York FELA lawyers recommend that you advise your teenager about safety issues that are specific to train travel.

For example, you should warn your child not to stand too close to the platform edge while waiting for the train. All it takes is one slip of a foot and one distracted person to bump into a teenager for the teenager to end up on the tracks were the dangers of moving trains and third rails are very real. Additionally, you should warn your child to sit down or hang on tightly while standing on a subway. A sudden stop could result in a serious injury. Finally, tell your child to watch the gap so that your child doesn't trip and fall getting off the train.

If you, or your child, have been hurt in a New York subway accident, then please call an experienced New York railroad attorney today for more information about how to protect yourself and your potential legal right to a recovery after an accident injury.

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